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From time to time a dam will need to be cleaned out. Silts and accumulated sediments
along with salts can build up in dams effecting water quality and quantity.
Regular dam maintenance is good practice
Dams require regular maintenance to ensure their lifespan, water
quality and quantity and to prevent costly structural failures. It is
good practice to inspect dams, spillways and catchments when
both full and dry taking advantage to plan for any required
maintenance works.
Dams collect and store surface water
Dams are designed to collect and store surface water.
Many dams have failed due their siting and construction
design and methods. Interactions with saline groundwater and surface
water have caused many dams to turn salty. Some dams have failed
because they leak due to a lack of impermeable soil or material.
Consideration for the original construction of a dam, such as the siting,
size, depth and catchment before undertaking any works is important.
For example, an impermeable clay liner may exist to prevent leakage, or
the dams’ depth may have been set above a saline water table.

To minimize risk it is suggested that an experienced
contractor is engaged to help plan and/or undertake any
required works or cleaning out of dams.